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UK Telephone numbers such as 0870, 0800, 0845, 0871, 090, UK Regional e.g.  London 0207, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Manchester, Newcastle. Telephone services include: Switchboard, Answerphone, Announcements, Voicemail, Fax, Call Divert, Call Distribution, Conferencing.

090 x Premium Rate telephone lines and numbers

Premium services, Revenue generating telephone line

Callers using premium rate telephone services on 090 numbers pay higher call charges to call the number. This rate can vary from 10p to 1.50 pound per minute.

Premium rate phone lines and numbers are typically used for delivering information (horoscopes, weather, tips etc..), or can be used for competition lines or support lines.

Premium rate phone numbers and the use of them are governed by ICSTIS. Before considering using Premium rate telephone numbers the ICSTIS guidelines should be checked out, alternativley call us on 08701624830 to discuss requirements.

090 Premium Number Costs

Standard Premium rate numbers from UK-Telephony.
Connection or Setup Free
Annual Charge Free
Per minute cost Nothing
Revenue varies call for latest



For further information please call us on 0870 162 4830 or email Number Sales.

Memorable 090 premium numbers

Special, Gold, Silver, Memorable, called many things but basically a number that is more easily dialled and remembered, such as 090x 112233 or 090x 1234567.

If you want a Special, Gold, Silver or Memorable number then these can be supplied, costs are generally different as there is usually an annual charge for each number and a setup fee to cover administrative charges. These charges vary depending on the number range and whether the number is already reserved/provisioned.


How to Get a Number

Consider the following 2 points:

1. The type of telephone number you require. eg 090x premium rate.

2. What happens when the caller rings the number, i.e. how the call should be handled, what the caller should hear, etc..

Call us on 0870 162 4830 and speak to someone, usually the number and the service you require can be setup there and then. Depending on the complexity of how you want the calls to be handled the whole may take as little 5 minutes.

Telephone Services

Not only can UK-Telephony provide you with premium rate telephone lines and 090 numbers, but our systems can also provide the telephone service that the caller hears when they dial the number. We can provide facilities for you to handle callers in the most appropriate manner. The following table outlines some of the basic services on offer:

Basic Service Brief Description
Switchboard details An announced menu of options that the caller can choose from.
Call Diversion and Distribution details Divert calls to virtually any number in the UK or the Internationally, including mobiles. Also ring round a multiple numbers untill the call is taken.
Answerphone details Take a message, get notified by SMS or email, retrieve via the Web, Phone or Email.
Announcements details Generate or record announcements for your callers, allow them to repeat.
Fax details Receive faxes, get notified by SMS or email, retrieve via the Web or Email.

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